estate planning in ohio

Reese Law Firm is here to help clients with their asset protection needs on all levels.

The most basic emergency documents such as Living Will, Healthcare and Financial Powers of Attorney, Minor Children Guardianship, and such are important for everyone to have in place in advance.

Sometimes there are also more involved needs such as preparing a Trust, planning Business Succession for business owners, and administering a Trust. Things that make your needs unique include your charitable giving, surviving spouse, dependents, grandchildren, type and value of assets, tax and probate concerns. Attorney Reese will listen to your needs and help you formulate a personalized plan to achieve your specific goals.

By forming and following the right plan, you can rest assured that your desires will be carried out efficiently. For more estate planning basics,  click here.

In a complimentary initial consultation, Attorney Reese will listen to your needs and help you discover the best options for protecting your assets.
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